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Chris Golden, Entertainer

The new single 'ON THE SUNNY BANKS' is now #2 In CASHBOX, # 4 in Power Source.

'Nashville' Cat

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Chris Golden
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I am not a 'country music star' but I play one on TV!  If you looked really close, you may have spotted me on ABC's "Nashville" during Season 3. After playing the part of 'Juliette's roadie', I was contacted by the casting director to meet with THE director for an interview. I was one of six hand-picked to portray a band which was getting signed to the star of the show's record label. As with most television tapings, it took most of a cold day in Music City to film a 20 second scene which was then cut down to 4-5 seconds of airtime. I had to cash in one of those '15 seconds of fame' we are all supposed to get in life. I hear 'Nashville' has been picked up for season 4, so I am ready for a recurring role. Lord knows I have the hats, scarves, and show clothes to swing it! It was another opportunity and I am thankful for each one.