Recording has long been a passion of mine since I first used 2 cassette players to multi-track while still in elementary school. It sounded horrible. I am happy to say my recording has come a long way since then! Let me put 35 years worth of studio experience to work for you.
Whether it be your song demo, custom project, independent or major label CD, from beginning to end or any step in between, let me help you put the magic on your next recording. 
If you are interested in partnering with me to help you produce your next project, or using me on any instrument I play, I would love the opportunity to work with you. There are many different ways to go depending on your needs and budget.  
To explore the possibilities simply email me at , or call me at 615-479-6101.
Let's make some magic!
Chris Golden
You can come to Nashville, or Nashville can come to you!
I now offer tracking via file sharing online, and am set up to provide you custom tracks of drums, piano, vocals, acoustic guitars, or mandolin from  individual tracks up to full production of your song(s).
I am well versed in multiple genres from Southern Gospel to Southern Rock, Traditional and Modern Country, Contemporary to Classic, and if I can't play it myself, I know and work with plenty of the best musicicans for each style who can. 
My main focus is providing a personal touch to Songwriters and Artists helping you sound your best while maintaining your own personal style and delivering a finished piece of magic at a price you can afford.
There are many places you can go to record these days, but remember, it is not the place or studio you go that creates the magic, it is the people, and in my mind there are no such thing as demos...only masters!
Let me help direct you on your musical journey, 
Chris Golden

Psalm 33:3 - Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.

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